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eufyCam 2C Pro Add-on Camera


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12K Resolution

When it comes to security, the key is in the detail. See exactly what is happening in and around your home in crisp 2K clarity.


Half-Year Security from 1 Charge

Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 180-day battery life from just one charge.

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Smart Image Enhancement
Get a clearer, brighter view of the people in the shot. Built-in AI technology identifies and focuses on humans.
Turn Night into Day
The built-in spotlight illuminates the surrounding area and allows you to see the whole picture in color clarity, even in low light. Infrared setting is also available. View recordings or live footage in crisp clarity, even at night, for a clear view of who’s there.
The Alerts that Matter
Human detection reduces the number of false alerts you receive. eufyCam 2C intelligently differentiates humans from objects. Ensuring you are only alerted when a person, and not a stray cat, approaches.
Smart Detection Zones
Customize the areas in which the camera will detect motion. Set the zone to suit your home so you only receive the alerts you care about.


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3-Month Local Storage
Securely store up to 3 months of recordings via the 16GB eMMC.
Military-Grade Encryption
AES-128 data encryption ensures your footage is kept private on transmission and storage.
Real-Time Response
Speak directly to anyone who approaches your home via two-way audio.
Smart Integration
Connect your devices to Amazon Alexa for complete control over your surveillance. Home Kit compatible.
Any time, Any weather

With an IP67 weatherproof rating, eufyCam 2C Pro is built to withstand the elements.

no monthly fees


What’s in the Package: eufyCam 2C Pro Camera, Mount, Micro USB Charging Cable, User Manual

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10 reviews for eufyCam 2C Pro Add-on Camera

  1. George Liang

    We have an Airbnb, so an outdoor security camera is a must to monitor the entrance. We used to use the 1080p version, and decided to upgrade to the new 2k version. it was a noticeable difference as faces were much clearer. Highly recommend this system and upgrading to the 2k as it’s just a minor price jump.

    George Liang
  2. Jon Duncan

    This is a great camera. Vivid picture. It ties in nicely with the eufy security system.Although the security system is still young it had great promise. Once they integrate with the major players such as Smartthings, Wink, and Vera, these will be the go to devices to not only trigger an alarm and record the event, but also handle all sorts of other useful Smart home features.One other point: Integration with both Alexa and Google still need some work. The doorbell works well, but otherwise there are no working routines.

    Jon Duncan
  3. Sagar Dharamshi

    Perfect for the front door since the built in light not only allows the camera to record in colour at night, it also illuminates the door for less fumbling with the key lock. Integrates perfectly with the Eufy base station. So far I’m impressed. I hope the battery holds up through the Canadian winter.

    Sagar Dharamshi
  4. Micaine

    If it wasn’t connected directly to a power source or a solar panel I would not recommend these for people like myself. I use them around my business that sees high traffic so the battery would last a couple months. Luckily hard wired they work good. Picture quality not remotely as good at the 2Pro but the light is a great touch.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to connect to my existing system via the app. Setup and mounting took less than 5 minutes. Great security camera system for the price and added bonus no monitoring costs.

    Amazon Customer
  6. Jhay

    I picked-up this camera for two reasons: 1) there is no additional cost, like a monthly cloud subscription, to view my saved footage, and 2) it is made by Anker. I have been buying Anker products for years because of the quality.

  7. jim

    Easy install had it up for 3 weeks works great, now the test is the battery to see how long it last before it needs recharging it says 180 days thats 6 month and winter is just beginning ..

  8. Harold 42

    When set to human only it does not trigger any further away than 15 feet. If set to all motion it picks up cars 45 feet away. There is no image quality difference between this 2c pro and my 3 other 2c that are just 1080p.The video doorbell is 2k and it is much sharper than this 2k. Should have saved the money and got another 1080p.The system is much better than the 2 Blink XT2 I have set up in the back yard

    Harold 42
  9. Ace

    Can see the license plates clearly when a car pulls into the driveway. Works well and battery life is better than the Ring camera I also have.

  10. Rick

    I have 3 of these cameras up and the Eufy doorbell all work super , I keep an eye on my lying neighbours when I’m at work, that is why I bought them !!!


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