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LED Reading Lamp


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Upgraded Portable Light

This LED Reading Lamp is lighter than the average lamp, weighing in at 37g! Suitable for reading books and writing at night, and perfect for use on airplanes, trains, and cars as well as in the home or other occasions where reading is on a low-light space is required. Easily portable and perfect for use in any occasion where reading in low-light spaces is required. Take it on the plane, train, car, or use it in your home!

Adjustable Brightness and Colors

There are three adjustable colour levelsβ€”3000k (warm), 4500k (warm white), and 5500k (white). Short press to control the colour level, and long press to adjust the brightness.

Easy Switch to Suit Your Needs

50 lumens will provide a more stable and comfortable source of light, satisfying your different lighting needs in your daily life. This light is perfect for those who love to read.

Built-in 2 Kinds of Clips for Clamping

The included thin clip works well for books under 0.5cm thick, while the thick clip works for books that are 0.5-2cm thick. The built-in magnet on the back of the clips can be easily used on all types of magnetic surfaces.


This lamp clamps onto your books with ease thanks to its lightweight design. Use it as a bookmarkβ€”just slide it in after reading!


Charging your lamp is a breeze thanks to its built-in 250mAH lithium polymer battery. Charge it with any USB device, such as your laptop, desktop, or power bank.


Bend the lamp into any shape you want, or take the clip off and stand it on a desk to use as a night lamp!

Friendly tip: Long-press for 3 seconds to turn on the light. If the red light is on when charging, make sure that it is correctly inserted into the power supply.

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10 reviews for LED Reading Lamp

  1. Yann

    Bought this reading light for my kids.Really nice purchase… Rechargeable, 3 mode of light, The plastic is flexible and stay where you set it. Kids really enjoy this light in their camping setup.

  2. Geoff Johnson

    Have been using this light for about a month now and has been working great. I like the colour choices. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to turn pages with this clipped on the book, but as long as you clip it on the left side – no problem!

    Geoff Johnson
  3. SBCC

    This is a great product. Clamps securely to the book. The various brightness and light colour options available to meet your needs. Very easy to use. Quick charge and good battery life. Love the fact the battery is rechargeable! Excellent value.

  4. Lisa

    It’s light, durable, flexible & portable with great placement options and wider charging possibilities. I can easily fit this in my pocket because it’s quite bendable or simply clip it onto my shirt/pockets thanks to the convenient adjustable upper clip. The bigger clip/clamp can handle a maximum thickness of about 0.7″ which is great because it widens your placement possibilities along with the magnetic backs on both clips(reversible as well). I’ve been using it primarily for my laptop to see the keyboard in the night since it doesn’t have a backlit function and at the same time I’m not interrupting anyone. It’s also perfect as a night light and book light for my nephew who loves reading Dog Man before bedtime. It’s even handy to have around the house in case of a blackout emergency, you never know.I love having the 3 light mode(3000k-warm yellow, 5500k-white light & 4500k-warm white) options to choose from and being able to control the level of brightness with a single multi-function button to suit my various needs. It’s simplistic(about 8″ long), great for when i feel like drawing and perfect for my sensitive, bad eyes. The battery life(last about 3-4 hours, doesn’t overheat so it’s safe for the kids as well) is pretty impressive at the highest level of brightness and charging took about 40 mins. Speaking of USB charging the possibilities are endless, ranging from a laptop, power bank, USB port outlet and even a wall adapter would work.Overall it’s a great buy; the lights are versatile to meet your everyday needs, it’s portable and you get numerous placement and charging choices. In addition to that you get 1 year warranty, 30 day return or exchange service and great customer service so you can feel confident with your purchase.

  5. Steve

    I love how this reading light looks! It looks like it’s meant to go with my kindle. The dimming capabilities and three colour light options are amazing. I personally enjoy using this on low light at night rather than to use the built in back light of the kindle. It comes with two clips. One plastic as shown in the photo and one slip on clip for books.This thing is great! USB charging built right in to the flexible and slim arm. So far zero cons found with this light πŸ™‚ I’m satisfied with this purchase

  6. Family of Four

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    Β A pretty simple concept that works well. Three different temperatures of light (3000k, 4500k & 5500k) provide some choice between yellow lighting and white lighting. It also has a magnet on the back of it which would be handy if you wanted to use this somewhere you could stick it to something metal IE working in the garage or kitchen.Easy to set up and easy to use -see our video for a walk through of how to use it, charge it etc.

    Family of Four
  7. Joshua Blomfield

    I work on the railway, running freight trains at all hours. Often working at night the lights in the cab can be too bright and distracting. This allows me enough light I can see my paperwork while minimising distraction for other crew members and help find my pen when I drop it. Plenty bright (I mostly use it on the lowest setting) and lasts ~20hrs/charge, enough to get me across the road and back. Excellent product.

    Joshua Blomfield
  8. review master

    This led reading light is sturdy and well designed. It does not need a cable to charge the battery which is really practical. 3 choices of light color are great and you can easily vary the intensity of the brightness from 100% intensity of 15% depending on the situation. The 2 clips that come with the light are great and does not feel cheap and easy to break. The flexible arm stays in the angle you choose. It’s really fast to charge and it can stay up a good while.

    review master
  9. A. Hollingworth

    This itty bitty reading light is perfect. I love that it has different light color and density. I love that it’s easyto clip on a few pages behind the book and is lightweight enough that it doesn’t interfere with page turningor get in the way of my reading.Haven’t had to charge it yet and I read with this every night.Would buy again and is a perfect itty bitty gift.

    A. Hollingworth
  10. Xi (Nimious)

    When studying at night I never feel like I have quite enough light. I have my normal LED lamp flashing down of course but my work on the further side of the desk doesn’t tends to be a tad dark.I feel like buying a second lamp would be a bit over kill and besides I study in various different places so I got one of these instead. Placing it on my binder while studying it really helps with making sure everything I’m looking at is well lit!The reading light also comes with 3 colour levels at 3000k, 4500k and 5500k. Depending on the time of day or night the warmer or cooler light options could be preferable! It’s also very easy to use. There’s only one button after all. Holding the button turns it on, tapping it changes the colour level and holding it increases the intensity of the light.There’s also two clips so even when I’m not using something as thick as my binder it’ll latch on just fine. As for the battery the claim is 300 mAh which in real world use should be several hours. I’ve yet to push it to the point of dying on me but for my study sessions it’s lasted. Besides that it’s very easy to charge, simply just plugging it into a USB charger or computer is fine.There’s nothing disappointing so I would say I’m really satisfied with this reading light!If you found this review helpful please let me know by voting yes below. πŸ™‚

    Xi (Nimious)

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