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Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids Colson


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The first three chapters in this book–Animal Dangers, Natural Dangers, and Human Hazards–describe what to do in a total of 24 specific emergencies. The fourth chapter, Basic Survival Skills, has 14 important tips on emergency preparedness and survival skills.

Each crisis is summarized on a double-page spread with 1-2-3 what-to-do checklists, “Fast Facts”, “Life Savers”, “Did You Know”, and “If You” sidebars, and margin notes. The book’s eye-catching design features brilliant full-bleed color and dynamic action photographs.

The life-threatening scenarios include:

Animal Dangers
  • What to do if you are bitten by a snake
  • How to escape from a bear
  • What to do if you are chased by bees
Natural Dangers
  • How to survive a hurricane
  • How to avoid being struck by lightning
  • What to do if you are caught in a food
Human Hazards
  • How to escape from water in a car
  • How to escape from a burning building
  • How to avoid being crushed in a crowd

The Survival Skills include:

  • Planning a trip
  • Using a penknife
  • Finding food
  • Making a shelter
  • Making a fire
  • Tying knots.

Children like to feel in control. Knowing what to do in the case of an emergency increases the chance of survival and it also reduces fear. Even if readers never venture beyond the front door, they will enjoy Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids Colson

  1. Chimpy

    Awesome book to have for your little ones!

  2. Siobhan Debad

    I bought this for my classroom library and the kids love it.

    Siobhan Debad
  3. Amazon Customer

    Arrived on time. Great book!

    Amazon Customer
  4. Michael

    my kid loves it, and carries it around with him.

  5. HappyCamper

    Was on my daughter’s Christmas present list.

  6. Lauraandrew

    An wonderful book for adventurous kids. So fun!!!

  7. Greg Bellwood

    The ten year old recipient was very happy with this product

    Greg Bellwood
  8. Ray Greisiger

    Very good.

    Ray Greisiger
  9. sylvia Jarett

    Grandson loved it

    sylvia Jarett
  10. Doug C

    Nice book for kids to prepare for roughing it camping

    Doug C

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